The Ministry of Trade is taking the initiative to build an INRAPEX (Indonesia Rapid Alert System for non-food products) website with technical assistance from ARISE+ Indonesia. It aims at enabling supervisory agencies to share information about unsafe non-food products on the domestic market to make it easier for inspectorates to identify these products and thereby strengthen the national market surveillance efforts.

The Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR) launched the "Indonesian Geographical Indication Branding Guidelines" during the virtual ceremony organised with support from the EU-funded programme ARISE+ Indonesia, Wednesday (22/09).

ARISE+ Indonesia welcomes Mr Natan Kambuno as the new TAB Coordinator for Trade Remedies. Mr Natan has recently been appointed as Director of Trade Defense under the Directorate General of International Trade in the Ministry of Trade. He succeeds Mrs Pradnyawati, who went on another post within the Ministry of Trade.

In collaboration with the ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate General of National Export Development (DG NED), Ministry of Trade, published a study 'The Opportunities Offered by e-Commerce for MSMEs in Global e-Marketplaces' during an online workshop on Monday (23/08).

The Directorate of Small, Medium Enterprise (SME) Development and Cooperative of Bappenas (the Ministry of National Development Planning) hosted the SME Sensitisation Webinar – Discussion with European Buyers of Indonesian Furniture Products with support from ARISE+ Indonesia. The webinar was held on August 19, 2021, and was also streamed on the ARISE+ Indonesia Youtube channel.

The Government of Indonesia is reviewing its macroeconomic plan to bring the economy back to pre-pandemic performance. With the support of ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate of Macro Planning and Statistical Analysis of the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) organised the Global and Indonesia Economic Outlook Webinar on Friday, August 20 to look at the latest trends analysis and consider policy options.

In coordination with the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, ARISE+ Indonesia organised a three-day online training focusing on SVLK certification, 22-24 June 2021. The training aimed to improve understanding and compliance of the timber industries in adopting verification of timber legality. 

Training of Trainers for Industry and Trade Counselling Officers

The Industry and Trade Counselling Officers play an important role in strengthening the capacity of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) to export. SMIs are a driving force for Indonesia’s economic growth. With the government plan to improve the SMIs' quality and competitiveness, strengthening the capacity of the Industry and Trade Counselling Officer is imperative. 

With several trade negotiations in the pipeline, studies and analysis on the potential and benefits of the global value of Indonesian products are important to support negotiations. The Ministry of Trade (MoT), with support from the ARISE+ Indonesia, organised a training on Global Value Chain (GVC) Analysis and the Use of Trade in Value Added (TiVA) Database, 9-11 June 2021. 

The delicious aroma of spices wafted up from Indonesian Chicken Gulai and Aceh-style Lamb Soup are filling the kitchen and dining areas of Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy Restaurant in South Jakarta. We sneaked into the restaurant, through a virtual setup, to see what's cooking and there we found our show hosts Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo and Santhi Serad accompanying the Director General of Intellectual Property, Dr Freddy Harris, S.H., LL.M., A.C.C.S, in preparing the special Indonesian dishes.

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