The ARISE+ Indonesia programme supports the Ministry of Trade to develop a methodology on how to conduct studies for strengthening quality infrastructure to support exports. As a country with great export potential, access to satisfactory quality infrastructure services becomes an urgent issue. Ideally, satisfactory quality infrastructure services are available in regions that produce significant quantities of export products.

For this reason, ARISE+ Indonesia experts conducted a pilot study to identify an export product and a province that has a substantial production of the product. The study also includes an assessment of the availability and conditions of the quality infrastructure services in the province. Based on discussion with the Ministry of Trade, crude coconut oil became the focus of the study and North Sulawesi was the province selected for the study.

To get the best study results, the experts then held two focus group discussions (FGDs). The purpose of the FGD is to discuss the preliminary findings and clarify different issues. The first FGD was held on 13 November 2020 involving producers and exporters of crude coconut oil and regional trade offices from North Sulawesi and Southeast Minahasa. The second FGD, which was held on 20 November 2020, engaged 13 Conformity Assessment Agencies (Lembaga Penilaian Kesesuaian/LPK) in North Sulawesi. The FGD result certainly enriched ARISE+ Indonesia’s study on the methodology.

The study will be followed up by a field mission to North Sulawesi where the providers of especially test services will be visited to verify the results of the desk research and to concretize the gaps and needs for the development of the quality infrastructure in this specific area. Based on the findings a methodology will be developed, which it can be used for the planning of the further development of quality infrastructure services for other products in Indonesia.

You may access the webinar presentation materials through this link.

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