The ARISE+ Indonesia Project Steering Committee (PSC) took place on 14 December 2020 under the co-chairpersonship of Ms. Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) and Hans Farnhammer, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei. The PSC, which was moderated by P.N. Laksmi Kusumawati, the Director for Trade, Investment and International Economic Cooperation, reviewed implementation progress of the project in 2020 and considered the proposed consolidated Annual Work Plan for 2021. The meeting was the culmination of a consultation process that started early November with project stakeholders on the six components of the Annual Work Plan through the respective Technical Advisory Board Coordinators.

Ms. Amalia, in her opening remarks stated that the ARISE+ Indonesia contributes by funding numerous projects of capacity building to relevant Indonesian ministries and agencies in order to ensure Indonesia’s preparedness to welcome the IEU CEPA and other possible FTAs while enhancing its competitiveness in global value chains. She trusts that ARISE+ Indonesia will also support Indonesia in encountering the impact of Covid-19 to Indonesia’s economy.

“Indonesia sees more opportunities to explore particularly in a manner that ARISE+ Indonesia TSF could support Indonesia in countering the impact of Covid-19 to our economy. We believe some of the projects aimed to boost our trade performance are in line with our economic recovery strategy,”

Ms. Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti – Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, BAPPENAS.

Mr. Hans Farnhammer – Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation supported the wish of the Deputy Minister.

“Looking forward, in line with the Government of Indonesia current priority, the programme will endeavour to provide some support to Indonesia’s economic recovery plan. We can do more together, in particular in the areas of trade, investment, and competitiveness.”

Mr. Hans Farnhammer – Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation.

The PSC noted that significant progress was made by the project during the last two years, in spite of the unprecedented challenges that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. The strong dedication and commitment of TAB members and coordinators in general largely contributed to the achievements. In presenting the AWP for 2021, the Technical Assistance Team Leader, Mr. Marc Kwai Pun highlighted that the underlying approach was to pursue the overall direction set by the Overall Work Plan in 2019 while consolidating achievements to further enhance the institutional capacity to support the development of policy responses to address disruptions caused by the pandemic and placing more emphasis on raising the awareness of SMEs opportunities participate in Global Value Chains.

Since the consultation process that led to the development of the AWP already allowed stakeholders to contribute to their respective components, the discussions that followed the presentation was mainly to seek clarification. Members however took note that, in view of the numerous priorities expressed by stakeholders, the load of activities of the work plan was quite important and that some adjustments among the different budget lines needed to be considered to accommodate the requirements of stakeholders. The Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation indicated that EU Delegation would look into the matter. He also announced that a second part of ARISE+ Indonesia worth EUD 5 million is foreseen mid-2021. A second team of experts will thus be made available to provide additional complementary support to the GoI economic strategy.

The PSC meeting was preceded by the launching of the ARISE+ Indonesia website. Developed in consultation with key stakeholders, the website is the main platform to disseminate information on the project. It is also a repository for technical documents produced by the project. A short presentation was also made on the e-newsletter which aims to keep the key stakeholders abreast of the Programme’s implementation and also comprises a Private Sector Bulletin section to link private sector players to the policy actions facilitated under the four priority areas covered by the Programme.

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