On 10 and 11 December 2020, BAPPENAS officials attended three workshops to discuss and acquire techniques for developing, writing and presenting policy briefs, to improve their skills in delivering research findings.  The activity complements previous support provided under ARISE+ Indonesia to upgrade macroeconomic planning and forecasting tools and improve technical capacity for conducting economic-trade-investment simulations and analysis to ultimately strengthen Indonesia’s national development planning process.


"The telling of the story is just as important as the findings and the data behind it"

Soumaya Keynes, journalist at The Economist


Macroeconomic planning and forecasting tools enable BAPPENAS researchers to advise policy makers based on evidence drawn from economic observations and analysis. However, in order to fulfil their roles properly, the researchers should often do more than just providing the facts. As explained during the first workshop, “the integration of evidence into policy decisions is a complex process of multiple competing and intertwined factors, where evidence is just one of these”.


Policy decisions are influenced by multiple competing and intertwined factors


During the three sessions, participants learned how to distill large amounts of information from different sources to allow decision makers to easily and rapidly understand the core issues, the background, stakeholders involved and what course of action is preferable and why. Participants were able to learn about the importance of using relevant information and data, understand the five steps of developing a policy brief, develop story boards to structure messages and communicate it effectively and use the information that has been collected and organised to write policy briefs. They also had the opportunity to learn from best practices to communicate economic policy through video presentations by influential policy advisors and commentators including Nobel laureate Prof. Paul Krugman, academics from the University of Oxford, Reading, Manchester, Warwick and Bristol and journalists from the Financial Times and The Economist. Presentations were followed by lively debates amongst participants who shared their experience in writing policy briefs. In particular they appreciated the testimonials from a variety of actors.

The workshops were attended by officials from directorates under the Deputy of Economic Affairs, BAPPENAS, namely the Directorate for State Finance and Monetary Analysis, the Directorate for Financial Services and State-Owned Enterprises, the Directorate for Trade, Investments, and International Economic Cooperation, the Directorate for Industry, Tourism and Creative Economy. They were facilitated by Alessandro Martinatto, ARISE+ Indonesia Trade and Investment Planning Expert.


You may access the presentation materials through this link.

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