Training of Trainers for Industry and Trade Counselling Officers

The Industry and Trade Counselling Officers play an important role in strengthening the capacity of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) to export. SMIs are a driving force for Indonesia’s economic growth. With the government plan to improve the SMIs' quality and competitiveness, strengthening the capacity of the Industry and Trade Counselling Officer is imperative. 

With support from ARISE+ Indonesia, the Ministry of Industry organised the webinar series "Training of Trainers for Industry and Trade Counselling Officers" on 14-18 June 2021. More than 100 Industry and Trade Counselling Officers stationed in the regions across Indonesia participated in the online training.

Director General of Small and Medium Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Madam Gati Wibawaningsih, said during her opening speech that training is very beneficial and would equip the counselling officers with excellent knowledge and competencies to assist the small and medium industries in improving quality and competitiveness.

The five-day training discussed five different topics to enhance the understanding of crucial topics related to export. On the first day, Carsten Kudahl and Arief Safari of the ARISE+ Indonesia Technical Assistance Team, delivered a presentation on market regulations, which comprised mandatory technical regulations set by a country, and voluntary standards set by a wide range of standardization bodies.

On the second day, Syamsul Arifin, a Quality and Food Safety International Registered Lead Auditor, presented the requirements related to implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) by SMI Exporters (based on ISO 9001). The quality management system applies to all types of industries. The workshop equipped the participants with a deeper understanding of QMS requirements. 

The following day, the training focused on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to provide the participants with knowledge of food safety and quality requirements for export. The workshop continued the next day with Standard and Technical Regulation for Export, focusing on the European market. 

The series of webinars was concluded with "Placing Product on the New Market", delivered by Budhi Wibowo, one of the successful exporters in Indonesia. The last day introduced the participants to market investigation and marketing for export amongst others.

Putra Biliton, an Industry and Trade Counselling Officer in East Belitung District, commented that standard and quality are the main challenges SMIs face in most regions.

Thus, the knowledge and information from the workshop were very beneficial to help him assist the SMIs in his area.

Wiwin Riyatin, the Counselling Officer for Industry and Trade in East Java Province, conveyed a similar sentiment.

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