With several trade negotiations in the pipeline, studies and analysis on the potential and benefits of the global value of Indonesian products are important to support negotiations. The Ministry of Trade (MoT), with support from the ARISE+ Indonesia, organised a training on Global Value Chain (GVC) Analysis and the Use of Trade in Value Added (TiVA) Database, 9-11 June 2021. 

In his opening speech, the Coordinator of Programme and Cooperation of the Directorate General of International Trade Negotiations, Harry Putranto, said that Trade in Value Added or TiVA is very useful for measuring how much value a country adds to the production of exported goods or services.

"TiVA indicators provide insights into the commercial relations between nations to better inform policymakers," Mr Harry said.

Mr Harry delivered the opening speech on behalf of the Secretary of Directorate General of International Trade Negotiations, Mr Ari Satria, who could not attend the event due to another important assignment.   

Twenty trade and investment analysts, planners, and negotiators from the Ministry of Trade and Bappenas (the Ministry of National Development Planning) participated in the in-class learning workshop held in Bandung while adhering to health protocols.

The lecturers and economists from the University of Indonesia, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi and Pyan Amin Muchtar, delivered the training on Global Value Chain and Trade in Value-Added, respectively. 

During the three-day course, the participants improved their knowledge on key concepts underlying the GVC frameworks, and deepened their analytical skills on Global Value Chains, especially through the use of the TiVA database.

Elitasari Apriyani, a Junior Trade Negotiator from the Ministry of Trade, said that the training had improved her practical capabilities in using the TiVA database and GVC analysis, which is very beneficial to her work.

"The analysis is useful to help us understand how to integrate small and medium enterprises into the Global Value Chain," Elita said after the training.  

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