ARISE+ Indonesia

The ARISE+ Indonesia – Trade Support Facility (ARISE+ Indonesia)  is one of the flagship initiatives under the EU-Indonesia 2014-2020 cooperation framework. It is also part of an overall cooperation framework between the EU on the one hand and ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Member States on the other hand. Whilst ARISE+ Indonesia mainly serves to strengthen EU-Indonesia cooperation, its implementation is coordinated with the ASEAN economic integration agenda. ARISE+ Indonesia is the country-level intervention complementing the ARISE Plus Regional Programme, which matches the ASEAN Economic Community Blue-Print 2025. Country-level ARISE+ programmes exist in several ASEAN Member States.



European Commission Directorate General of Trade - European Union, Trade in goods with Indonesia - 08 May 2020

With an overall budget of about EUR 15 million, ARISE+ Indonesia aims at enhancing Indonesia's capacity to boost trade performance and competitiveness. It is implemented through two complementary technical assistance projects. The first technical assistance,  with a budget of about EUR 9 million, was launched in 2019 for an implementation period of four years. The implementation of the second technical assistance started on 2 August 2021 for a period on two and a half years and a budget of about EUR 4.7 million.  ARISE+ Indonesia responds to the priorities of the Government of Indonesia according to the agenda set with the EU in their cooperation framework. The Programme supports government institutions in implementing and reviewing existing trade and investment related policies more effectively and in elaborating new policies aimed at increasing business opportunities for Indonesian enterprises. In particular it provides technical assistance to the relevant institutions in sharpening their expertise to negotiate the Comprehensive Economic Partnership (CEPA) with the EU. Support is also given to small and medium-sized enterprises to facilitate their more active participation in international trade and to promote the economic empowerment of women.

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