Technical Assistance II

In collaboration with ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate of Standardisation and Quality Control, the Ministry of Trade, and the Industrial Services Standardization and Policy Agency (BSKJI) in the Ministry of Industry are organising training on the 2017 version of ISO/IEC 17025. The training aims to enhance the competence of testing and calibration laboratories to respond to the increased requirements for test accuracy in the European market.

The training participants will be divided into two groups and two batches. The first group is the staff who have not received ISO 17025 training, and the second group is the staff who have participated in the ISO 17025 training. The first group of participants will learn about the background, principles, technical requirements, measurements and requirements of ISO 17025. The training for the second group of participants will be organised later after the lab survey on the need for specific improvement in lab management is completed.
The training will be delivered online by the ARISE+ Indonesia Senior Expert, Alain Peyré.

First Group, First Batch

Date: Thursday- Friday, 21-22 April 2022
Time: 12:30-15:00
Venue: Online
Participants: the Center for Testing and Quality Certification of Goods (BPSMB) and the Goods Quality Testing Center (BPMB) in the Ministry of Trade


First Group, Second Batch

Date: Monday- Tuesday, 25-26 April 2022
Time: 12:30-15:00
Venue: Online
Participants: Center for Plantation Products Industry (BBIHP), Center for Agro-Industry (BBIA), Center for Chemical and Packaging (BBKFK), Standardisation and Industrial Services Policy Agency (BSPJI), Center for Standardisation and Industrial Services (BBSPJI) in the Ministry of Industry

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