Export Quality Infrastructure

Aligning procedures for the development and adoption of standards and the preparation of technical regulations with international standards with the view to increase Indonesia's export competitiveness


Work under this area is coordinated by the Ministry of Trade through its Director of Standardization and Quality Control, Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Trade Compliance. This area has two main work streams.


Support to the Implementation of National Quality Assurance Scheme

  • Improving institutional capacity in implementing the NQA scheme through specific actions targeted at improving coordination between various agencies to develop and adopt standards.
  • Developing operational manuals to facilitate NQA implementation.
  • Consolidate safety control systems for food and non-food system.
  • Improve services provided by agencies to the business community regarding the application of the NQA.
  • Monitor the evolution technical regulations on international markets.
  • Promote research on food safety and support the quality assurance system along the value chain in the fisheries sector.


Support to the improvement of Export Quality Infrastructure (EQI)

  • Support to relevant agencies in developing new accreditation schemes and upgrade testing and certification methods.
  • Assess needs for Quality Infrastructure services at provincial level for improving national coverage in the future.
  • Improve technical knowledge on food packaging material standards and testing.
  • Develop and implement a capacity building programme in specific areas aimed at providing exposure to best practices, improving the use technologies for food processing, strengthen understanding of agencies and business operators on quality requirements for the export of targeted products to the EU market (e.g. shellfish, wood products, nutmeg).


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