Geographical Indications

Empowering small producers and enhancing Indonesia’s competitiveness through the promotion of Geographical Indications as an expression of product authenticity and premium quality


Photo Credit: Hadiyan Wijaya Ibrahim

The coordinating body for this area is the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, through its Directorate General of Intellectual Property. There are three workstreams.



Capacity building of farmer communities and GI producer associations

  • Improve the capacity of farmers and GI producer associations in managing local GI value chains, ensuring traceability of products and compliance with stringent standards to promote quality while protecting environment, local culture and traditions.
  • Provide opportunities to producers to increase their visibility on national and international marketplaces through a structured approach.


Support at institutional level on GI governance to improve the regulatory framework and to strengthen the competencies of key government agencies

  • Strengthen institutional capacities to set up appropriate mechanisms to promote and protect GIs.
  • Improve coordination among ministries and government agencies to support GIs.


Developing a branding and promotion strategy for Indonesian GIs and high-quality Indonesian products

  • Facilitate the positioning and branding of GI products within an overall branding strategy of Indonesia with the collaboration of key stakeholders.

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