Private Sector (Cross-cutting)

Increasing the knowledge of domestic enterprises for active participation in international trade



This cross-cutting area is addressed through all Priority Areas of ARISE+ Indonesia, under the coordination of BAPPENAS.


Trade and Investment Policy

  • Facilitate the participation of private sector actors in policy processes.
  • Raise the awareness of business operators on the impact and implications of the CEPA.
  • Improve policies to facilitate investment.  


Trade facilitation

  • Raise awareness on import formalities and requirements in destination markets and available trade facilitation schemes.
  • Disseminate information on how to comply with trade facilitation measures in Indonesia and key export markets.
  • Raise awareness on trade remedies mechanisms.


Export Quality infrastructure

  • Facilitate access of SMEs to information on quality requirements for key export products on major markets.
  • Improve the level of service of government agencies to SMEs.
  • Training of producers and exporters on key processes to comply with standards for targeted products.


Geographical Indications

  • Empowering small producers through the promotion of Geographical Indications as an endorsement of product authenticity and premium quality produced through traditional knowledge and local culture.



  • Resources are also dedicated to communicate with domestic enterprises and ensure that they are aware of trade opportunities created through ARISE+ Indonesia actions.

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