Gayo Arabica Coffee

The region associated to the production of the Gayo Arabica Coffee is located in the Gayo Highlands on the northern most part of the Bukit Barisan mountain range.

Coffee in the Gayo Highlands was first introduced in the 1930s by the Dutch to accommodate the demands originating from the European market. Over the decades coffee has become increasingly important in the economic development of our Region, becoming one of the most important commodities, as local consumption and international demand have increased.

The direct involvement of the local population in the coffee production is the strength of the Gayo Arabica Coffee as the red berries are sourced from our farmers and processed locally. This allows a close control on the activities of the farmers and producers to maintaining high quality and production standards.

Gayo Arabica Coffee’s entry to the world commodity market is due to its highly valued, typical flavor. Its fine aroma and lack of bitter taste have become the characteristics of the Gayo Arabica Coffee product. Coffee conosseurs appreciate the distinctive characteristics of Gayo Arabica Coffee, particularly its light earthy notes balanced with full body and a smooth aftertaste, mild acidity, a combination of spice and sweetness, and some elegant fruit notes.

The Gayo Arabica Coffee Producers Association is known as MPKG, Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo. The members of the MPKG consist of over 60,000 farmers, cooperatives, processors, roasters and traders all located in the Gayo Highlands region. Membership to the organisation remains open to anyone who fulfils the requirements as described in the production specifications. We are the official GPI lodger of the Gayo Arabica Coffee.

The participation of Gayo Arabica Coffee to Terra Madre is sponsored by ARISE+ Indonesia, a technical assistance programme funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen the capacity of government institutions and stakeholders on a wide range of areas within international trade, private sector competitiveness and business environment.

The climatic conditions and the agricultural ecosystem specific to the Gayo Highlands, combined with local farmingtraditions and know-how, result in a unique and high quality coffee.

Gayo Arabica Coffee has been known to carry a good reputation among the connoisseurs and it is known as one of the best quality premium, single origin and specialty coffees from Indonesia. The coffee is exported to customers in Asia, Europe, Northern America and the Pacific.

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