21-22 October 2021

In collaboration with ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate of Standardisation and Quality Control, Ministry of Trade, will host the second preparatory workshop to develop the Indonesian Rapid Exchange of Information System (INRAPEX). 

12-14 October 2021

Currently, Indonesia is involved in several trade remedy disputes both as a complainant and respondent. With support from ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate of Trade Defense (DPP), Ministry of Trade will host four half-day online workshops to enhance its capacity to initiate and respond in respect of trade remedy actions.

5-7 October 2021

Rules of Origin (RoO) are used to determine the country of origin of a product for various purposes, including the treatment, such as the applicable tariff rate, given to a product that is traded between two countries. They take a very significant importance in the trade arrangement between two countries, especially when the arrangement includes preferential tariff rates on certain products. RoO therefore constitute a pillar in trade negotiations processes.

30 September 2021

In collaboration with ARISE+ Indonesia, the Directorate of Small, Medium Enterprise (SME) and Cooperative, Bappenas (the Ministry of National Development Planning), is organising the second edition of the SME Sensitisation webinar series.

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