04 March 2021

ARISE+ Indonesia, in collaboration with the Oxford Economics will conduct a training on the process to update the Global Economic Model with new data sets.

24 February 2021

BAPPENAS will have a discussion with the Oxford Economics Indonesia economist on the Economic Performance of Indonesia and its recovery prospects after the pandemic. The discussion will help BAPPENAS to identify priorities and criticalities that must be faced.

22 and 26 February 2021

Directorate of Trade Defence - Ministry of Trade will participate in the workshop organized by ARISE+ Indonesia. The aim of the workhop is to ensure high quality and efficient case handling and investigation processes.

15 -17 February 2021

The overall objective of the activity is to reduce the rejection cases due to heavy metals and histamine on export markets. This will be achieved through three webinars focusing on a benchmark of the Indonesian test method with the test methods used by the EU laboratories, a presentation of test of heavy metals in tuna, swordfish and marlin and histamine in tuna, and a presentation of sampling from tuna, swordfish and marlin.

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