Capacity Building on Particular Market Situation (PMS), Anti-Circumvention, Less Than Adequate Remuneration (LTAR), and Safeguard Dispute Settlements

Representatives from the private sector, law firm, and officials from various ministries including Indonesian Ministry of Trade (MoT) namely Trade Defense Directorates (DPP), Anti-Dumping Committee (KADI), and Safeguard Committee (KPPI) attended a series of trade remedy workshops, facilitated by ARISE+ Indonesia, on 12-15 October 2021.

During four half-day online workshops, Prof. Gustav Brink, a trade remedy specialist, delivered presentations on Particular Market Situation (PMS), Anti-Circumvention, Less Than Adequate Remuneration (LTAR), and Safeguard Dispute Settlements. 

During 1995 to 2020, Indonesia ranks the 7th most frequent target of global anti-dumping investigations and the 4th most frequent target of global anti-subsidy investigations.

The number of global trade remedy initiations continued to rise despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The WTO statistics recorded 427 global trade remedy initiations in 2020, an increase of more than 50 per cent compared to 2019. Anti-dumping remained the most frequently used instrument, followed by countervailing and safeguards.

The latest data from the MoT shows that there were 38 active cases which came from 14 countries, of which 25 were new cases initiated by Indonesia's trading partners during the period of 1 January 2021 to 18 October 2021.

Speaking at the workshop as the keynote speaker, the newly appointed Director of Trade Defense, Mr Natan Kambuno, presented several trade remedies cases that Indonesia has faced, such as the anti-circumvention investigation launched by Vietnam last August against Indonesia's cane sugar exports.

"Learning these four topics will improve our Trade Defense stakeholders to have a better perception on defending trade remedy cases, especially for LTAR it will be beneficially for our colleagues in KADI to initiate its first investigation on subsidy," Mr Natan said. 

Mr Natan concluded his presentation by underlining the importance of a deep understanding of trade remedies investigations to defend Indonesia's exports.

One of the workshop participants, Meiliecia, a Manager of Anti-Dumping Task Force in a paper company APP Sinar Mas, praised the topics and presentations of the workshop. She commented that the training was beneficial to support the private sector's preparedness if cases happen.

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